SECONDE NATURE was officially created in 2008, when two cultural associations from Aix-en-Provence merged: Terre Active (Arborescence festival), which was active in the field of multimedia art, and Biomix (Territoires Electroniques festival), which focused on electronic music.


Bringing together expertise and artistic explorations made it possible to create a new, broader cultural project, particularly in connection with the Seconde Nature festival, which was first held at the Vasarely Foundation in Aix-en-Provence, before organising numerous exhibitions and creations in different locations.

Many artists have been produced and/or exhibited over the years: Lynette Wallworth, Etienne Rey, Lynn Pook and Julien Clauss, Adelin Schweitzer, Antoine Schmitt, Mathias Delplanque, Nicolas Clauss, Jeff Mills, Hee Won Lee, Peter Sinclair, Ashley Fure and Jean-Michel Albert, Cléa Coudsi and Eric Herbin, Jean-François Laporte, Félicie d'Estienne d'Orves, Herman Kolgen, Refik Anadol, 9th Cloud and Cyril Meroni, the collective, Quayola, Yvette Mattern, Autie Flo, and many more.