Are you a teacher who would like to be trained in the field of digital practices?


Every autumn, in collaboration with the DAAC of the Académie Aix-Marseille, SECONDE NATURE and ZINC organise “Une rentrée numérique”, an event which includes a course (registered with the PAF, exclusively for secondary school teachers of the Bouches-du-Rhône department), guided tours, practical workshops and an online course.


SECONDE NATURE and ZINC also support teachers with creating artisticand cultural educational projects (design, fundraising and support). They participate in municipal, departmental and regional plans (outreach in secondary schools, INES, etc.).


You can visit our online educational platform Repères Numériques, whereyou will find educational exhibition and theme packs, information on artists, workshop suggestions and our training session programme.


For primary and secondary school teachers

Clémence Revuz | Outreach Manager for SECONDE NATURE

For higher education teachers

Fabien Perucca | Outreach Manager for ZINC